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Husqvarna XP+ Premixed 50:1 Fuel + Oil for 2-Stroke Engines, Ethanol-Free High Octane Fuel, 1 Quart

  • Includes one quart of Husqvarna XP+ 50:1 Premixed Fuel
  • Premium pre-mixed ethanol free gas means no more mixing oil and gas by hand
  • Unlike pump gasoline that degrades or oxidizes over time, Husqvarna gas oil mix stays fresh for years solving long-term storage needs
  • 50:1 fuel to oil ratio protects fuel systems and saves carburetors for easier and more dependable engine starts
  • High 95 octane, ethanol free gasoline combined with JASO-FD certified premium Husqvarna synthetic blended oil for optimal 2 stroke engine performance
  • Verified Engine Formula (VEF) is engineering approved to keep your power equipment running like new
  • 2 cycle gas fuel helps equipment owners to avoids costly rebuilds and downtime
  • Husqvarna oil gas mix is compatible with combi trimmers, chainsaws, brushcutters and forestry clearing saws
  • In addition to this 50:1 gas oil mix, Husqvarna offers a variety of lubricants and oil for all of your lawn care equipment needs

HUSQVARNA 2-Stroke Pre-Mixed Fuel + Oil

SKU: 584309701
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