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A robust, 21.7cc, double-sided hedge trimmer with a 24" cutter bar for trimming jobs. Reliable and durable construction guarantee long maintenance and service intervals. The multi-position handle and low weight provide excellent handling, while the high capacity, professional knife blades, open blade guard and impressive power output allows for high productivity.


  • An efficient job starts with a sharp blade

    The hardened steel blades, optimized edge angles and the high knife speed increase productivity when trimming.

  • Durable, Tested Materials

    Internal gears have been specially designed for long life and tested under tough conditions

  • Two-stage air filter

    The unloosable two-stage air filter in dual materials provide less cost for service and less engine wear.

  • Adjustable Rear Handle

    Multiple handle positions makes hedge cutting easy and comfortable

  • Simple Starting

    Stop switch automatically resets to ON so trimmer is ready for next use

  • Intuitive choke

    Starting a cold engine is easier with the intuitive choke which is easy to reach and set

  • Low Noise Engine

    Specially-designed engine reduces extra noise

  • Hardened Steel Blades

    Optimized edge angle stays sharper longer, increases efficiency and ensures durability


SKU: 8801
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