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Husqvarna T25 Tap Advance String Trimmer Head for Husqvarna’s 100-200 Series Straight and Curved Shaft Trimmers

  • Includes one Husqvarna T25 Tap Advance String Trimmer Head for Husqvarna 100-200 series straight or curved shaft trimmers and brushcutters
  • Husqvarna attachments for string trimmers with easy-to-reload spool for efficient reloading
  • Can hold 16.5’ of .095” gauge line for extended trimming runtimes (compatible with .065” to .095” trimmer line)
  • Split spool design on these weed eater accessories minimizes tangling and line welding for easy operation
  • Arrows indicate the correct directional winding of the line to eliminate guesswork
  • Two key slots lock trimmer line in place to prevent unraveling while replacing cap onto the weed eater replacement head
  • These weed wacker attachments come pre-wound with .095" Titanium Force trimmer line, saving you time when you need to swap in a new line
  • Simple to attach, load and use, the T25 trimmer head is recommended for new users, due to its practical and user-friendly features
  • In addition to string trimmer heads, Husqvarna offers a variety of weed eater parts like trimmer line and battery equipment
  • Comes pre-wound with 0.095-in diameter Titanium Force™ trimmer line for added convenience

HUSQVARNA T25 Tap Advance

SKU: 966674401
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