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Husqvarna X-Cut C85 20 Inch Chainsaw Chain Replacement, 3/8" Pitch, .058" Gauge, and 72 Drive Links

  • Includes one Husqvarna X-Cut C85 20 Inch Chainsaw Chain replacement compatible with the following Husqvarna chainsaw bar models: 365, 372XP, 390XP, 395XP, 555, 562XP, 565, 572XP, 585 and 592XP
  • Excellent Precision and Maneuverability: These chainsaw blades have a square-ground cutter that has two cutting edges lining up to a sharp corner, which makes the cut smoother and faster, more consistent and more precise than with standard chains.
  • Chisel Chain: Husqvarna chainsaw chains 20 inch replacements use a chisel chain that is easy to file and stays sharper longer, with 72 drive links, a 3/8" pitch and .058" gauge
  • Durable and Reliable: Long-lasting sharpness right out of the box lets you postpone sharpening for longer plus reduces kickback, while a precisely balanced combination of materials and manufacturing processes produce a highly durable chainsaw blade
  • All Cutting Tasks: These Husqvarna chainsaw parts are suitable for all standard cutting tasks and is ideal for arborists and tree care experts that use professional forestry saws

HUSQVARNA X-CUT C85, 3/8" pitch, .058 gauge - 72DL

SKU: 581626972
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