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Husqvarna X-Cut SP21G 16 Inch Chainsaw Chain Replacement, .325" Mini Pixel Pitch, .043" Gauge, and 64 Drive Links

  • Includes one Husqvarna X-Cut SP21G 16 Inch Chainsaw Chain replacement compatible with the following Husqvarna chainsaw bar models: 540iXP, T540iXP and T540XP
  • Excellent Precision and Maneuverability: These chainsaw blades give your gas chainsaw excellent precision and high cutting efficiency to improve maneuverability while reducing strain and fatigue
  • Semi-Chisel Chain: Husqvarna chainsaw chains 16 inch replacements use a semi-chisel chain that is easy to file and stays sharper longer, with 64 drive links, a .325" mini pitch and .043" gauge
  • Durable and Reliable: Developed to increase the cutting speed and efficiency for full-time use battery chainsaws
  • The chain is energy efficient and the optimized geometry delivers a consistently smooth cut, excellent bore cut as well as improved handling and manoeuvrability

HUSQVARNA X-CUT SP21G, .325" mini pixel pitch, .043 gauge - 64DL

SKU: 596553364
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